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The current epidemic, hitting long line before and after the rent of the apartment

Date: 2020-01-31

Front: deployment of rent the apartment houses, medical staff.

At the beginning of New Year, in the earth is supposed to celebrate the Spring Festival, a sudden new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak stirred the country at the moment.Since then, a war of no gunpowder smoke has raged.As of January 28, 12 countries WeiJianWei received 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) has reported 4515 confirmed cases, the existing 6973 suspected cases, then the national WeiJianWei says, the current epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period.

In the epidemic prevention and control of sniping action front: many parents rent apartment enterprises emergency action, many brands have a project in wuhan, the room emptied for medical personnel can't go home address;Behind the campaign, launched the emergency response plan several brands, to employees, tenants, environmental disinfection, and provide relevant prevention materials, actively perform enterprise civic responsibility, boost wuhan win the battle.

The front

Deployment of rent the apartment houses, medical staff

The Spring Festival, I love my family in wuhan Mr Zhang received, head of the company's emergency decision-making, according to the existing vacancy in length to rent houses, I love my family for medical personnel to provide immediate temporary housing.

But because the brand side of the house does not belong to self sustaining homes, so in this matter after pass the consent of the owner, can provide, and because most of the houses are more dispersed, collection can provide area housing support at present, the main for the Red Cross hospital in wuhan, wuhan sixth hospital, tumour of center of wuhan city hospital, wuhan union hospital this several hospitals of medical personnel.

After receiving notification, Mr Zhang and colleagues counted himself first habitable homes, then call one by one, and the owner, that is.Obtained the consent of the owner, and once again confirm the housing information.After got a call from the medical staff, first illustrates the living conditions of the building, with them then and medical workers signed an agreement of free living, including some matters needing attention.Themselves disinfection before they leave, the company will be in after they live, arranged a wave of building concentrated disinfection.

According to Mr Zhang said, at present, the company only people can support him and (wuhan), I love my home, general manager of two people is very short.In the reception staff, is not convenient to let employees make, had no choice but to yourself, so drive them to arrange a dozen medical staff.Mr Zhang said the staff is very hard, entered the protection zone for a long time, such as have disinfected.Doctors and nurses have cars, and not all of these help medical personnel are basic home is far away from the hospital.

Brand and this is just to rent apartment in one of the common silhouette against the outbreak, on January 25, with its adjacent to the riverbank district mainly treatment hospital youth post stack - "wuhan continental freely fang yi" to suspend business, 35 room 265 beds sanitized, comprehensive health care workers for free reception outbreak.Announced on January 26, eggshell apartment, will take out around wuhan major hospital nearly 800 exclusive housing, rent for medical personnel to provide free.There are so many long rent apartment brand of wuhan local party also will be on the vacancy for medical personnel to rent houses disinfection treatment.

After the line

Start the emergency contingency plans

Still have some in the rear of the rent the apartment brand, before the latest outbreak will be how to cooperate with related departments to carry out the epidemic prevention and control work, safeguard the tenant vital interests and personal health and safety, became the latest focus of public attention.From multiple rent the apartment announced by the operating enterprises, messages can be seen, is a new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak of epidemic prevention efforts, including freely, eggshell apartment, that combine, combine, mooring, home of the international community, and a stay flat, rubik's cube apartment, bees and diffuse fruit village apartment rent apartments, many parents have initiated emergency plans.