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Guilin airport screeners charity touched American Older travelers

Date: 2013-06-23

At 23:30 on June 20, 2013 around Guilin airport screeners care unit staff on duty Wang Xin Yue ready to go home after the end of the attentive Domestic Arrival Hall II after her post, and found a foreign elderly passengers look around, in situ stagnating. Helpless old man's eyes so that Wang could not help freedom approached for questioning. Helpless old man voice hoarse, almost speechless, he barely speak American English, so not able to understand Amy, Amy thought so late, the old man was alone no one to take care of and can not find shelter, living in field he must really need help. Although the old man unable to pronounce the sound, communication is very difficult, but Wang patience to communicate with him, it can not communicate, just write out a pen on paper and draw out, and then her phone comes with dictionary translations.
After some difficult communication after, Wang learned that the old man alone, the United States came from distant Guilin, Wang wanted to help him find WIFI, snapshots linked to his daughter, and he wanted to buy two days after return ticket. Wang led the old man to find the ticket office, and the old man used his cell phone to send MSN reported safe. Wang is preparing to leave and found the old man still looked confused at, Amy thought to help people to help in the end, just put the old man sent downtown hotel bar! Thus, Wang accompanied the old man riding on a bus aviation, old man who does not yuan, only dollars. Wang did not hesitate to take the initiative to help the old man to pay the fare.

To the city, Wang told the old man the specific location of the hotel after the civil aviation with the old man goodbye. His bike ready to go home, she suddenly realized halfway in: RMB old man who does not, and this most of the night, nor banks can exchange yuan ah! Wang went back to the Civil Aviation good hotel, really helpless old man still standing at the bar with waiter exchanges. Wang quickly walked over, which means that the old man to help pay for the room card. Unexpectedly, the hotel credit card machine is faulty. Wang took out his work permit, and let the old man charge 40 yuan U.S. dollars and passports, and Wang's repeated requests, the hotel waiter finally helped the old man opened the room. Wang led the old man to find a room, and with the old man again farewell. Said the old man effort "Thank you", and leave her contact Amy wanted to reward. Wang smiled and shook his head, ready to leave, the old man took the body of the U.S. say to express gratitude, Amy waved his hand quickly left. At this point the old man's eyes had tears in his mouth moved.

Wang Yue of charity not only touched the heart of the United States Older travelers, but also touched Guilin security stations all employees. We have been to her enthusiasm, sincerity, kindness par, learning she was such a selfless spirit. Friends from around the world for the service and dedication to their full strength!