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Guilin, Shenzhen Investment Promotion Council signed 19 projects total over 20 billion

Date: 2013-04-02

Guilin Guilin Life Network Shenzhen's international destination construction investment has been in full swing, and have achieved good results. Yesterday morning, in Shenzhen, Guilin International press conference and resort construction investment promotion conference, attended a total of 19 projects signed, including 17 funded projects, foreign investment agreements on two, signing a total of about 21 billion yuan, highlighting the majority of enterprises in Guilin construction and development of international tourist confidence and enthusiasm to invest in Guilin. The Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Liaison Office of the Deputy Lord Renlin Wu, Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Li Ming, vice mayor Wu Wan, Guilin Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman Zhao Yue Qin, Mayor Jun-Hua Huang and other witnesses signed.

     "Guilin international destination Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") was approved, the city actively organized a series of important activities, including through the State Council Information Office in Beijing held a press conference building international tourist destination Guilin in Hong Kong, Shenzhen held a press conference and investment promotion, and municipal leaders led mainly in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen to visit the well-known enterprises, focus on entrepreneurs forum held with corporate executives to discuss investment projects, investment outlook outlook, publicity campaign vigorously promoted vigorously investment.

The scene signing of the project, highlighting the strength characteristics of an investment firm, a large amount of investment projects, project planning and construction of an international standard. Contracted projects covering hotels, shopping, leisure travel products, eco-tourism, pharmaceutical production and development, clean energy, deep processing of agricultural, cultural tourism, auto parts production and other areas of multi-industry, and the "Plan" proposed industrial layout requirements coincide Guilin International tourist building reflects generally optimistic about prospects for development.