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U.S. high school musical mission visited Guilin

Date: 2013-03-28


March 21 afternoon, from North Monterey County High School Condor Band music group of high school students in my town square is nearly an American-style cruises offer the public to play. The band famous, had participated in the inauguration of former U.S. President Bill Clinton parade is the first invited to visit Guilin exchanges.

A group of high school students from across the Atlantic nearly a thousand people in the central square was presented a wonderful parade performances. These students come from North Monterey County High School Condor Band music group, music delegation of the 94 people on December 20 to 23 in Guilin access.

Music group members mostly ceremonial soldiers wearing black clothes, wearing a ceremonial soldiers cap, in half an hour of playing, they presents the five tracks, including both full of rich American style of the "Stars and Stripes Forever," there are people familiar "Ode to the Motherland. "

When the music sounded, one wearing a white ceremonial soldiers serving boys baton wielding spirit of the times, walking in the front ranks. Followed, was one of several girls wearing a miniskirt and boots. They smile, move side to side of the hands of the flag toss, and firmly caught. Huge play "square", then go at the end.

"Western style" music group an appearance, it attracted people past, the city's old SF drum team aunt who is wearing colorful costumes for the guests from afar twist in the Younger.

Orchestra members Bu Langge said: "I think I've seen all of Guilin is the most beautiful city of Guilin's warm reception, so I felt the warmth of home. Through the visit, I am Chinese, and culture in Guilin a deeper understanding. "

That night, the music group but also with students in Guangxi Normal University Lijiang Waterfall Hotel for the exchange show.