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The prosperity of China's tourist infrastructure is develop new agenda for global travel

Date: 2019-01-30

In the 1990 s, China's telecom and Internet infrastructure invested billions of RMB (either way, it is RMB or us dollars), make China from a not every family has a fixed telephone, in about 15 years to become the world's largest Internet market.China's current mobile Internet users more than americans, more than 700 million and still growing.

In the 90 s telecommunications boom let is located in the railway boom of the early 21st century.Although China already has one of the world's largest rail network, but the system has been gradually upgrade, to meet the high demand of the iron, high iron to shorten the distance between the Beijing and Shanghai to just four and a half hours.

The combination of mobile technology and physical mobility, are creating a new generation of Chinese tourists, they begin to impact on the global tourism industry.China's outbound tourism promotes the growth of the global travel industry, and the global travel industry, are also anxious to the growth of China's outbound tourism.The following are some of the demand trends.

Mobile payment

In China, the cash is no longer a king.Was once the yuan (local currency) or highway of China, without cash payment system has been developed and used, namely, alibaba's pay treasure and tencent WeChat purse, these two kinds of payment systems have dominated the transactions of all sizes.In the low-end market, just like in the convenience store to buy something, there is no need to clumsily change, even the most seasoned travelers, the use of a basket of currencies will bother.For flight and hotel, can safely through the phone booking.Western tourism companies hoping to attract more Chinese tourists, and to provide new payment options for the existing western visitors, they can at least pay on apple etc. On the basis of payment options to meet their needs.Apple to pay in China and other places can be used.

High speed train

In China, the flight is a fool would do.Especially during such a bad weather in spring and summer, the threat of thunderstorms can make between Beijing and Shanghai and other major destination flight hours, and a visit to a lower cost, more comfortable more than five hours of train travel is completely without thinking.In China, people grew up on the train, rather than by plane, high-speed rail network in China is now the country's pride.If there is an opportunity (and time), Chinese tourists will choose by train, places like Europe, they can have a similar experience.When evaluating potential destination, it must be like the United States to drive a car or by plane travel long distances, this is one of the "defect".

Social media

Yes, we use WeChat to get it.Maybe you don't, because so far, it seems that only Chinese companies to use it effectively.Although television and outdoor advertising still attracted older travelers, but for people under the age of 35, their social media is the most attractive place.As the main social media platform Facebook, sets, and Twitter are blocked in China, the travel company will need to learn how to use WeChat and weibo to spread information.Unfortunately, due to China's Internet controls, there is almost no chance to make up this gap.

"Familiar with" in the future

Although they have to a lot of products are very interested in science and technology, but for travelers, and the reputation of the destination, the real, physical world service still is the most important.No matter where in the world, China's food supply and quality, is still the main complain about Chinese tourists and concerns.Despite the taste and take with local delicacies, is becoming more and more people's interest, but taste those familiar with food, is part of the listing of any Chinese visitors.Similarly, in the international airline and hotel chain enterprises around the world, is still surprisingly little speak Chinese employees.

Due to lack of material Chinese label and specification (audio tour, brochures), Chinese tourists in many destination still felt neglected, so unpopular.Free wi-fi is the key.Share self-time, view the map and payment need to be connected to the Internet, and Chinese tourists don't like to pay international roaming charges.

Free wi-fi is the key to overcome the language barrier.Such as Dict. Cn and youdao online translation can make up for this barrier, at least can realize transformation from Chinese to English.If not in the concierge spent their summer holidays in Beijing language university, visitors will go through Meituan public comment on the ratings and comments on Internet to understand the half of the content of platform, take a look at what you ate their compatriots in Hong Kong, and these places are good to eat.In Hong Kong in September, Meituan public comments on the initial public offering (ipo), raised $4.2 billion.Unfortunately Meituan, the food delivery behemoth, its model is unlikely to be in the labor cost many times the replication of the west.

There are also some potential disadvantages.Because these are China's development system, in addition to the greater China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), almost no other areas use these systems.As JCB card to the identity of the rise of major cities in the United States is rise of Japan's tourism logo, alipay, WeChat and unionpay logo will become a beacon of Chinese tourists.But they are the only one.

The realization of the dream in 2019 China (outbound) will be almost entirely on the strength of the Chinese economy.In the global economic downturn, produce the sheer number of outbound travel business will become more valuable.