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Lijiang Waterfall Hotel (Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin), Das Hotel befindet sich in der Innenstadt von Guilin, mit schönen Lijiang Fluss im Osten, Shanhu See in den blauen Wellen, Xiangshan Park im Süden, Duxiu Peak und Diecai Berg im Norden. Die Umgebung ist angenehm.
Das Hotel verfügt über eine große und luxuriöse Ausstattung und Ausstattung. Auf der Grundlage des ursprünglichen Lijiang Hotels investiert es 400 Millionen Yuan in großflächige Rekonstruktion und Expansion vor dem Hintergrund der Wasserkultur.Das Hotel hat einen großen künstlichen Wasserfall, der 72 Meter breit an der Spitze, 75 Meter breit am Boden und 45 Meter hoch ist. Es wurde im Guinness Rekord der Welt aufgeführt.Die Zimmer sind exquisit und edel, mit bequemen Betten und erstklassigen Einrichtungen. Es ist ein idealer Ort für Sie zu entspannen und genießen Sie die grünen Berge und Wasser.
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  • amyarea
    Convenient, very lively around, eat River is very convenient
  • bjfreedman
    Hotel location that is quite of good, next door is Street, opposite is Lake District, again go is on to Lijiang River side Cheung Pei Shan Park 3rd, door. around eat of also is rich. This set has Riverview room, can see Cheung Pei Shan and Lake District, just looks didn't imagine so good, night Lake District also can, Cheung Pei Shan didn't bright lamp, hotel of falls also stopped has, somewhat regrets, General also good. also has is, is room somewhat hot has, are somewhat dizziness, air conditioning stopped has seems also didn't works, to earlyMorning and it would only be appropriate at.
  • willlove
    Feeling so-so, not very good.
  • e00027687
    Service is good, is around two rivers and four lakes and elephant trunk Hill scenic spot, is very convenient to play!
  • jianjiaojw
    The good location of the hotel, facilities are old, but eat, drink, play, swim easily. distance very close to the pedestrian street, next to the Tower, very beautiful.
  • lvcc223
    Location is convenient, hardware is also good this hotel is hard to find the bed I sleep very good overall not bad high comfort of a hotel room is comfortable
  • buladuo
    Great location, attractions shopping in front of the hotel, rooms are also very good, and evening waterfall show?, recommend.
  • dave_xu
    Hotel location is very good, but room was really old
  • AItanyinlan
    Western-style breakfast at half price to 70 is not good for me, better to have a bowl of noodles. city hotel next to the porridge is cheap and delicious.
  • EMOXer
    Can can-offers some more good
  • dlwwy
    Very good hotel!
  • ben9013
    A little expensive, but also good ... next time you stay ...
  • cool8ge
    Convenient! facilities can also!
  • amelieyan
  • dxs1123
    Does not meet five-star standards, is entirely ordinary business hotels 'rooms'
  • aria0128
    Good location in the pedestrian street, convenient! night out at night, room was spacious, staff failed to meet five-star standards!
  • smgabby
    Mattress was too hard
  • nini1226
    Do check in on the first day as the front desk attitude under the influence, thought it was a problem of individual staff, and the next day on April 3 we don't open a room key card to open the door to renewed credit card at the front desk, the desk clerk looked impatient talk rushed like fighting was rare and the first time I saw such a five-star hotel
  • ollive
    Location is good, which is more convenient to go. breakfast is also good, because with children reason breakfast is also more convenient. the hotel is a bit old, we lived in Riverside, but closed and stuffy.
  • libby.lee
    Very good location, next to eat porridge in Guilin city is very good, breakfast OK, very convenient
  • FIONA and so on
    Location is good, not bad.
  • maius
    Staying night a company make thanks party, on in we room downstairs, and ROAR and called continued to night 10 o'clock, noise DB of big on even room in of TV voice are listening to missing, call to desk 4 times, no fruit, told hotel front has posted has notices, said night has Banquet, next door of foreigners also in temper, no approach Ah, this service even 2 star also is not Shang. hotel location also good
  • bbll005
    All areas of hotel is very good, next time you go to Guilin also live here
  • entropie
    Concierge taxi gang!
  • annasunny
    Prices and services not in proportion, a five-star hotel software and hardware are not up to
  • sasa29
    Comprehensive evaluation of good, is that business is fire, a bit too many people
  • sem8250
    Cheap hotel in good location
  • Emilxp
    Check out decisively to change hotel, hotel grade five-star sign. sundry. five-star hotels all the way no check didn't check the advice. this round.
  • baolong212
    Affordable, cost-effective, Super, holiday, next to
  • genui
    Convenient location, beautiful surroundings. More recently two rivers and four lakes! Hotel service quality seriously, room Kuan Tang clean
  • aa4124
    Door face near which, the Sun and the twin towers very difficult to, the flank is zhengyang Street, taxi7 dollars to the railway station, convenient, clean quiet room. upgrade second stay at the city view, Yes.
  • camilleyuan
    It's OK
  • doudouyouai
    The hotel location is very good, the service is also very good, 2 city centre is on the side street, eating and shopping are very convenient, in addition, the price is OK, we will go back next time
  • myreal8122
    Is a good choice, convenient to attractions, is also close.
  • bbs333444
    Location great falls every viewing, breakfast is good, but tea flavor is not strong, not privately purchased tea incense in Yangshuo. check speed quickly, just ask any consumer; say no, do check-up he will trust you.
  • anemia
    Very good hotel, worth living.
  • alexlaugb
    Wireless broadband slow Concierge cruises are too expensive
  • cuimx
    Beauty is out the window, nice hotel
  • tommyremix
    Excellent, good to children and then for a few days
  • mjgljt
    Great location. Great price. Nice bed. They cleaned our room very well every day. One block away from food and shopping. Right next to the river walk area. No complaints.
  • e00141185
    Very good hotel, standing in front of the window you can see the Sun and moon towers and the river
  • bobwan1
    World class, good surroundings, located in the beautiful Guilin. next time.
  • andygee
    Not as good
  • neecasto
    In addition to facilities outside of old, all is good and the food is good, the environment is good, the surrounding attractions are very close
  • nancytang
    Spent one night at hotel before leaving for airport. Again, great location, great staff and superb rooms. Highly recommend.
  • leslie26
    Very good location, surrounding food shopping is good, very busy. is the insulation of the room no. recommended a five-star hotel!
  • evanyuan
    Wanted to make straight a's, but the so-called group after 9:30 P.M. a telephone survey guest views of rooms, hotel fame, this smacks of interference. others are excellent, thanks red customer service patient photos of Zhuang nationality and the Concierge in the foyer of delicate work, next time will come.
  • jennyice
    Hotel is very good, near which, Jiang Jingfang, night night enjoying, zhengyang road is on the left, a lot of delicious food. Hotel turn right in 5 minutes is Guilin's mountain road in a bustling street, Starbucks, Golden Dragon fortress.
  • bbilu
    Too many people, too much noise, elevators to wait for a long time-