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The five-star Lijiang Waterfall Hotel (Lijiang Fandian) impresses visitors on first sight with its signature waterfall tumbling down over the building's north face.
Thirteen restaurants serving both Chinese and Western foods won't disappoint. The large conference room (seating 400) will also come in handy if you happen to be in Guilin for business rather than pleasure and need to host a large meeting or function.[View Detail]

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  • dsyxcw
    Hotel facilities were a little old, rooms are small but fabulous views great. Phoenix station 5 minutes away ... watch the waterfall table bin hotel is also very convenient.
  • lovely
    Great hotel, highly recommended, lakes and mountains
  • benin4
    Come to hotel, great falls for four or five days is not open, the facility is old, small rooms, empty five-star fame!
    Hotel is located on a pedestrian street, opposite the Lake area the Sun and towers, the scenery is very beautiful
  • arcoln
    Near the central square, the transportation is convenient, near Shanhu, Lake area.
  • lwluo
    Good location, easy to access, and also convenient to shop around for dinner, environmental services are good, satisfactory.
  • lx200088
    Hotel is located at downtown Plaza downtown. convenient. positive Li River hotel. followed commercial Street outside the hotel show every night I fall very spectacular. next House will choose to live.
  • onebaby
    Hotel location very good was very close to two rivers and four lakes is Lake and going out the food court on the side next time to go or want to live here
  • jayngacn
    Pretty good
  • e00403160
    Location convenient to walk everywhere in the City Center on the line
  • trident
    Well, the old five-star
  • DonJob
    A very good environment, very convenient ... in the city. is the service could be improved.
  • Benny328
    Hotel is very big, friendly staff, Nice location
    Hot water system is a big problem, to engineering maintenance after use
  • guowei1123
    Morning star standards, is very poor.
  • e00638350
    Good good good good, service good, breakfast very average, health, location, overall, convenient shopping, next to the pedestrian street, very good
  • IMW312
    Nice hotel, relatively satisfactory, good health, the traffic is convenient, and children's Park, the only downside is the buffet breakfast
  • gfjy1177
    Although very advanced, location very good. but I am not satisfied with my parents when parking, poor staff service attitude is good, also yelled at my father. it is hoped that relevant management personnel in the manners of the staff, senior hotel and good living environment should not because the staff discount
  • jyoten
    Location is good very convenient
  • masonl
    A very good environment and service in place!
  • lions
    Hotel is next to the Sun Tower, walk around, was very comfortable. hotel room slightly bigger than the Sheraton, but after 9:30 was also speaker shouted in the Hall on the second floor, the building could hear clearly.
  • dypdudu
    The old couple traveling to Guilin, conveniently booked this hotel for two days, came back and said the location of the hotel very good, others said nothing.
  • yaoyyx
    Hotel location, support is very good, but service can't keep up
  • bossnian
    Jiang Jingfang breakfast set, although more expensive, but nice scenery, night is quiet
  • e02984973
    Second stay, I feel very good, the location is also very good ...
  • cwb82886338
    Hotel location is very good, the Lake, night view of beautiful, good reception, free upgrade, thanks! unfortunately lived two days just doesn't have the waterfalls, huh! Guilin stay here next time.
  • neecasto
    In addition to facilities outside of old, all is good and the food is good, the environment is good, the surrounding attractions are very close
  • lujun1221518
    Very good location
  • beercoco
    Nice, next time go to
  • E05227220
    Really nice hotel ... price is very close to the people ... in the city center, convenient. next door is the street. very good.
  • amando1
    Hotel clean, around environment good, out left turn is zhengyang Road Street, street Shang of Chong good rice cheap and delicious, out right turn has Guilin porridge city, along center square go is Gold Dragon Zhai, hotel opposite is Moon towers, Xiangshan Park on in side Shang, dinner shopping shopping attractions are is convenient. front desk staying, check out fast, service also is enthusiasm, in staying Shi has encountered reservation errors of situation, front desk small girl is patience of help I check news processing, very thanks! Hotel each late 2Starting at 0 o'clock waterfall performance was praised, the Mid-Autumn Festival the night before that time is particularly long elements that show into the Mid-Autumn Festival is great, staying friends not to Miss
  • deviltao
    Five-star worthy, comfortable River view was beautiful, breakfast is impeccable.
  • Dollyxu
    Standard room turned out to be a window into the hotel lobby, breakfast café with tours rather than restaurant, next scheduled must not choose standard rooms
  • mumu7yao
    Good location, good surrounding environment, convenient transportation, hotel hardware General
  • David-IOU
    Good, environment is also good, easy to eat
  • guo62206915
    Good location, sitting on two rivers and four lakes at night, street, Cheung Pei Shan, a big plus.
  • Lante
    Convenient transportation around the commercial, fully furnished, night entertainment falls
  • evacy
    Which is very nice
  • alei0707
    Famous five-star hotel, Newby.
  • Meryl
    A five-star hotel also has nothing to say. each wall with a waterfall outside the 8:30 Hotel show, attracts a lot of people to watch. high efficiency of hotel, location near two rivers and four lakes area. around a lot of food, is a good spot.
  • brud_xu
    Located in the city centre, excellent location!
  • fenger20100210
    Is located in Guilin city square, around shopping food good, but apart from location good yiwai really die on 4 star of name head, decoration time long has, equipment old, carpet moldy, should renovation has! bed super hard, air conditioning is shipped 8 is retired, basement garage security is is too aggressive, forget took free coupons, he head a twist; up took! I small voice; brother, discuss Xia I open up total Taiwan took has again out? he eye a stare; how so more nonsense has! no! so, reversingReverse. beating around the Bush and then find a place to Park, climb stairs (no lift! wonderful) sister eyes slant at the front desk; not already checked out! I; @~/'? {@} 'Available 10 minutes of explained! PA. fly out to I a Zhang paper; next remember check out of when open has! goodness not statements thanks of took with coupons flew downstairs Ah, will stay free parking coupons obediently of presenting to he, but. he actually rubbing's rubbing's threw ground. on I hand a waved. fast go fast go. I tears collapse Ah! inRemind the guys driving opportunites; remember invoicing!
  • cagema
    Nice !
  • bravolam
    Hotel location is better, can see elephant trunk Hill, but facilities generally, bedding is not very comfortable, breakfast, service did not find particularly bad thing, the hotel can demand is not so high.
  • weeny_bb
    Veteran star, crowded room tensions, formalities next to someone at the front desk with other sites to no House, rooms quiet, rest well.
  • lifeng1101
    Good! clean! is the sense of quilt is a little dry
    Convenient, modern facilities, behind Street, watch the waterfall Hotel show, hotel window is the two rivers and four lakes Tower, very beautiful.
  • Bora_Tom
    Hotel location near the Sun Moon Tower, not far from Xiangshan
  • creation
    Hotel location is very convenient and the rooms are spacious.
  • maggicstar
    Very good hotel, next to the two rivers and four lakes near which, facing the Moon Tower and the Central Plaza. rooms are spacious and clean, I feel relatively warm.