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The five-star Lijiang Waterfall Hotel (Lijiang Fandian) impresses visitors on first sight with its signature waterfall tumbling down over the building's north face.
Thirteen restaurants serving both Chinese and Western foods won't disappoint. The large conference room (seating 400) will also come in handy if you happen to be in Guilin for business rather than pleasure and need to host a large meeting or function.[View Detail]

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  • celadon
    Have been staying, like.
  • feelstation
    Hotel is well located, in the pedestrian street on the edge of door is the pier to visit two rivers and four lakes. the hotel evening waterfall show distinctive
  • AggieY
    Room smell very heavy
  • e02833148
    Big heat heater, heat can not stand.
  • issey
    There is good and bad, considering changing hotel next time. play around the hotel, hotel is able to estimate renovation years long, not ideal. also failed to keep up.
  • jeipanda
    Nice hotel, very clean, the service is also very good
  • e01217481
    All right
  • joyce_G
    A longer five-star location, facilities can, at each production process to, walk behind everything, evening snack can also
  • Dean_
    Hotel conditions, located next to the central square, beautiful surroundings, Riverview room can see the Sun and towers, is unfortunately falls do not see conflict time and two rivers and four lakes
    Good sanitation, next to the Yulong River is very beautiful.
  • e01878093
    Hotel up said have Shang domestic 3.8 star. scheduled room Shi notes of is smoke-free room, handle staying Shi, front desk said I no notes, let I, has later, but last to I arrangements has smoke-free room. room in of shower of shower not can won to. first days with of wipe hair towel has taste, feel not clean, Hou day of OK. third days morning up brushing found no padded dental. second days night call to rooms Department confirmed third days afternoon can two o'clock in the afternoon cHeck out, rooms Department said can, to third days 1:3 P.M. carved back room door, found card playing not open, so carrying with buy of specialty big package small package run to downstairs front desk processing has about, said is over 12 points to to front desk heavy open about, but rooms Department in phone in didn't do reminded, run upstairs also is playing not open, so and run downstairs, last is let people with universal key open of door. five-star hotel door even called taxi of people are no. never selected such ofX-star hotel.
  • e00493853
  • bofan
    Great Falls location is very good, next to the central square in Shanhu and. another waterfall performance. rooms are OK, when you feel close to five-star standard there are gaps, service.
  • xiaotaiyang1
    Very good
  • jb602
    Waterfall has its special characteristics, from the pedestrian street close good
  • fffbonnie
  • dawn9988
    Surrounding is very good, breakfast, old facilities, overall calculation
  • larisa
    Although standard rooms, but small shower wife, only the bathtub is not convenient. comparative price ratio is not high
  • liuxueyu
    Upgraded room was very good
  • boycjs
    Very nice hotel
  • sanesun
    In General, older
  • jlbcxfd
    Very good hotel, friends, friends happy, saying again that
  • maomao620373
    This hotel is good, close to the Li River.
  • xuguojian701230
    Hotel location is very good, in the city center, bar street next to it. very convenience. is insufficient, when we go to, is after it rains for several days. results entered the room, smelled a smell very heavy carpets damp. should be improved. others are good.
  • tony_xu2000
    Old-fashioned five-star
  • besame
    Okay, quite good, nor are expensive, OK
  • NEGEN919
    It wasn't too bad,
  • marbler
    Waterfall Hotel Guilin established five-star hotels, the location, in downtown Guilin, and Xiangshan Park, near which are adjacent, beautiful environment, visible in the window of the room landscape. but slightly old, needs to be improved.
  • vecoss
    Good peripheral environment. breakfast ... recommended!
  • elgar
    Nice rooms, good service
  • neotravel
    Guilin Lijiang waterfall hotel, the location is very good, go out the two rivers and four lakes area, a night scene is very beautiful at night. good hotel facilities, room large, hotel is on the edge of zhengyang pedestrian street, very convenient. cost-effective high. only is staying at the next day's morning breakfast could be improved, possibly too many guests supply can't keep up with.
  • A Abu
    Hotel location is very good, beautiful especially at night is beautiful, falls in the evening performances, spectacular, on the street can see. upgraded Executive room, very happy with it.
  • e00767699
    Hotel location was excellent, beautiful surroundings, convenient. room amenities are, at best, is a three-star level, cost-effective General. Hotel quality needs to be improved!
  • E01261478
    A musty smell, this five-star is bought, never to live!
  • taia5989
    Go earlier, I will not repeat. in General
  • fangxw708
    Is a bit old
  • e00143573
    Very good, good service, very satisfied
  • jasonfang123
    Good, very good!
  • BIG Bing
    Location very good, out has door is 'liangjiang four Lake' starting of Terminal, side Shang is zhengyang Street; other basic meet hotel of star standard; we live room Windows completely was outdoor of advertising block died, whether this price only live such of room type. friendship reminded; Hotel door non-formal car don't package, don't sat, they Shi through induced you take attractions, while to you so-called discount returned cash and is cheap price sent airport, to attract you, dang you not to attractions has, he on put you dumpedAnd pick you up at the appointed time, a delay the matter.
  • e01111508
    A very good environment!
  • e00148726
    Sun Moon Lake in front of the window, falls hotel is a classic. snack Street are also within ten minutes walk. check fast, very good! parking lot is a bit lacking, when not enough parking spaces.
  • GAVIN83
    It was a good hotel and a good location. The stunning sun and moon pagodas are right outside the hotel and so is the park around the lake. I enjoyed it.
  • justinxu87
    A good environment, good service, City Center
  • fionafeng
    Downtown location the hotel is a bit old five-star with a little reluctance
  • niuniu9240
    Good mood
  • blunt
    At is at location convenient and selected of, actually location does is convenient, but hotel really of too old has, room of standard only is four star, actually of supporting facilities General like, room a unit era has long of taste to you reported with it of age. next has home Sheraton Deng, if built of time compared new of words recommends more hundreds of block money selected hi to Deng
  • duanjr99
    Good, very good condition! breakfast good.
  • jennyora
    The city centre, very close to the pedestrian street, Shan also at his side, generally good
  • e03754297
    Location super good, said said four week, floor Qian is towers Park, night see Moon towers night is beauty, left is zhengyang Road Street, walking Street snacks convenient, floor Hou is center square, 8:33 points on time see hotel put falls, is spectacular, right is Shanhu Hotel following on two home good of restaurant. internal Hall resplendent, also has Mall, unfortunately silver limited, family 6 mouth only live has a late.
  • maryyuliang
    Shi Shu