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Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin is located in the downtown area of Guilin, facing the beautiful Li River in the east, facing the turquoise fir lake, adjacent to Xiangshan Park in the south, Duxiu Peak and Diecai Mountain in the north, and a pleasant environment.

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin is large in scale and luxurious in facilities and facilities. It is based on the original Lijiang Hotel and uses water culture as the background. It has invested 400 million yuan for large-scale reconstruction and expansion. The hotel has a large artificial waterfall with a width of 72 meters in the upper part, 75 meters in the lower part, and a height of 45 meters. It has been listed in the Guinness Book of the World. The rooms are exquisite and distinguished, the beds are comfortable, and the facilities are first-rate. They are the ideal place for you to relax and enjoy the green mountains and rivers.
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  • liweiyin
    Environmental beauty
  • e00221781
    Five-star hotels, the quality is not the same. hotel services very well. good location, every window you can see the Sun and moon towers and the Lijiang River, near walking Street, eating, shopping, tour easy. comparison of many hotel, still feels the best.
  • jpdell
    Nice, nice
  • jiunnpen
    General satisfaction
  • congcong
    Very clean facilities, breakfast, traffic is very convenient, is full of attractions, walking to the performance-price ratio very good hotel
  • e03637049
    Centre Street location, the environment is good, rooms clean, good service.
  • edwardwon
    Jinhua Culture Park and street side of the hotel, walk a few steps to, the environment is very good. is the room too bad, the TV in the next room and the sound can be heard upstairs.
  • isuifeng007
    Breakfast was awful
  • e00134624
    Plus breakfast is high and costs 80 Yuan, there is inadequate ventilation
  • cattana1
    Hotels in Guilin city, self-driving tour can park for free, breakfast is not good
  • amanda7000
    Very good location and a very good environment.
  • laur103
    Staying for the first time in 2002, then travel a few times. are satisfied. impeccable hotel locations, free/Shanhu Lake area/River and zhengyang pedestrian street is very close. rooms and breakfast was good
  • dujinx
  • babudo000
    Service was very good
  • ruruls
    Convenience, old, musty
  • smile9986
    Old hotel, not bad.
  • freelyren
    Surroundings better, older hotel facilities and service.
  • lg_xx
    That's good!
  • arloveso
    Five-star hotels, and what are you thinking
  • liuu2
    Very nice hotel, it is a shop of old. would you recommend
  • Dalee1955
    Good location, the starting position in the pedestrian street, road, opposite the Lake, the landscape is very good, rooms are clean and sound good, service very good, most praise is very rich, really is good to stay here next time!
  • e00078962
    Set for parents, is 70 years old, didn't expect the guide service was very good, hotel is also good, and parents had a good time ... really good ... praise
  • romy2000
    Very good convenient opposite the twin towers opposite the elephant trunk Hill in
  • claire1124
    It is so-so
  • jlnuyy
    Good location, next to the two rivers and four lakes, very beautiful ... from the pedestrian street close, there are many snack food.
  • sax719
    Standard room on the inside, inside the exhibition hall, so if activities are miserable, good location right next to the embarkation point of the two rivers and four lakes and walking Street
  • c_feng
    Hotel is very good, is Jiang Jingfang nothing need swim Dragon River River is nothing!
  • alenabb
    Lived in feel, like Samsung ... ... You know!
  • flyaway51
    Very good, 8:30 waterfall show ten minutes a day.
  • evonne7758
    First said said of location downtown door across road is Lake Hotel left side is Street dinner shopping is convenient and business to is late hotel facilities also is complete except old points the some are has said said bad of; night almost 10 points to shop didn't catch legend in the of big falls only saw door of car is have crooked of is are not like five-star the some like handle staying when front desk said big bed no has I upgraded to a small Suite pretty happy to go up and take a look at the results of windowless windowless windowless (important things three times) when the front desk of this matter should note? TMD who willing to shut themselves inside the cell is the biggest slot on breakfast at nine walked in a circle the restaurant found the breakfast vegan no meat, no Bacon, no Bacon no sausage (a five-star hotel?) And veryMore food has no has and not added eat a Guilin rice fried egg of girl actually called I himself Cook really of is buffet Ah haha restaurant service personnel twos and threes cluster chat fundamental no service mean stool crooked table also not pack later to has a foreman or manager class of wear suit of training has they about only lazy moved up to swimming pool swimming climbed Bank asked lifesaving Member points has family lazy to see has I aUnder the eyes and better produce Ones lips with your fingers on the opposite wall clock. This is not a poor attitude, I can say that is uneducated told myself to live this experience or is it just an international chain five star service guarantee
  • ensuper
    Good location but too old and the room is too small.
  • lisa_9966
    Absolute which are good, especially the concierge service, Super, great falls in the evening, it is best to choose Jiang Jingfang because is really what facilities are better, and the scenery is particularly beautiful, snack well near, must choose to Guilin.
  • laisybaobao
    Like the
  • doublex
    It wasn't too bad
  • jonny0221
    Especially good
  • e00115865
    Hotel location is great, right next to the pedestrian street and the Li River Road, Cheung Pei Shan scenic area. but the hotel should be no decoration for a long time, the room facilities are old. the hotel's breakfast is too simple, does not feel like a five-star hotel breakfast. around many new high-end business hotel, definitely will in the future to hit the hotel, hoping to redecorate.
  • ericsxiang
    Hotel is a unique, service was professional, but very old, no new hotel comfort, nice
  • aaaaaaa6aaaaaa
    House had to choose a smoke-free House and Riverview room, hotel location is OK, close to supermarket and walk on the left, on the right is open 24 hours a porridge of Guilin city and the Casino, near which are in the front, standing in front of the Riverview room French window, you can see the string of Lijiang River Cheung Pei Shan, mountains, tashan, the scenery is first-class. night in the back of the Hotel Center Plaza Hotel's waterfall.
    Room is a bit old but very good scenery! the price a little expensive.
  • jojo7324
    Comment on
  • oxygenfox
    Bed no power outlets, not to charge the phone
  • angelinej
    Old facilities, bathroom very small there is no exhaust dehumidification. but the location is great, close to the pedestrian street, two rivers and four lakes area. from Xiangshan Park are just hundreds of metres. falls show is a highlight of the hotel per night. lights if any color would be better.
  • ppos2011
    Hotel is in good health, looks like bathroom exhaust fan-free, cool clothing is not convenient.
  • m00100872
    Location good room facilities good service attitude and the recommended
  • d03145193
    Self drive tour to Guilin, old hotel facilities, location at Xiangshan, beside the pedestrian street, eating out easy! but around traffic congestion becomes more serious, direct effect to go out sightseeing!
  • e00210510
    Nice tourist places around, very good, next time you want to set
  • lovewei1755
    The scenery very beautiful lake view room the night of the live, Sun Tower shines, street just beside the hotel, very convenient
  • luoru2004
    Hotel with ... Fewer surprises ...
  • du_jf
    First of all, I would like to thank the hotel housekeeping staff not Pocket, my 3000 omissions in the cash in an envelope in a safe, found after checking out the next day, I had left the Guilin area, call the Concierge, quick reply, check information quickly using the most efficient methods of cash return left., to express my sincere thanks! Talk about other aspects, location, absolute City Centre provide lake view, worthy of the picturesque scenery outside the window has not establishedBreakfast, but the hotel restaurant on the first floor to my no small surprise, Cantonese-style dim sum tastes good! 8:30 performances can go downstairs to see falls, that's something to see ... watching later in the hotels along the two rivers and four lakes around jogging or walking is a good thing. Further, Guilin, I would great falls hotels!
  • e03349967
    Nice hotel with a very good environment, waterfalls are a feature.