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SUPERPLCscore:4.3 / 52020-06-06

Hotel very close to elephant trunk Hill Park! select Lakeview room can see, save on tickets to the elephant trunk Hill Park, at night on the other side also has a waterfall, feeling is still quite fresh and worth checking out!
e01343460score:3.8 / 52020-06-06

Others are good, but bathroom shower room is not very clean, no ventilation, smells like piss. breakfast is nothing like as big as the other five-star hotels, not vegetables, Halo
jeff18688score:5.0 / 52020-06-06

Head two in Guilin of night select has Guilin best of hotel, alone holiday seeking security. relative is Hotel location weaker of location, but also happy. hotel has a is big is big of Atrium, middle is II floor drink coffee of platform, then above each layer are is aisle surrounded type of. is long didn't see had such of hotel, hotel each to night 8:30 can see world maximum of artificial falls, is Hotel back of inside up to 40 several meters of drowning falls + soundtrack (actually on see aXia novelty, see two minutes on nothing has) this room for not Chaoyang, so indoor lights slightly some dark, but clean clean, bathroom bathtub rain toilet wash basin four pieces sets clean clean, shower taps water slightly small, bathroom equipped with complete. two Zhang bed Shang put with a Zhang Big Chair + landing lamp, is comfortable, also has a Zhang small table, sent good 4 a fruit, feel intimate. most accident of is, night 9:30 around, 2 floor atrium at has piano site played, music is ShuSlow music, classical, patio design, piano so gently around the whole building, is very romantic. Finally, the hotel location is very central, very convenient, near Guilin is famous restaurants, hotels travel guide does not recommend Oh, I heard that contracts are signed every year millions of, so the price, whether tickets or guide package is Guilin's most expensive, you can try to communicate with taxi driver in Guilin and their mature tourism development,Most taxi drivers can package tours and tickets, are also cheaper.
gaolun84score:5.0 / 52020-06-05

Good from the two rivers and four lakes close, next to the pedestrian street and a cornucopia in, next time you go to Guilin will choose
puuddingscore:5.0 / 52020-06-05

Good location.
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